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News : William Whistler invited speaker at annual CIBSE-ASHRAE symposium in Dublin.

Earlier this year, William Whistler was invited to present his paper on building performance at the annual CIBSE-ASHRAE* technical symposium held in Dublin, Ireland. Twenty peer reviewed papers were selected for presentation from an international request for submissions. The conference focus this year was Building Performance. Addressing building performance is a complex issue requiring serious examination of buildings in the harsh climate of the UAE, where Green Building Solutions International operates. Mr. Whistler’s research examined the intricate relationship between the building skin air permeability, indoor air quality and resultant health issues.

Title of the Paper
: Indoor/Outdoor Air Exchange – Balancing Energy, Building Comfort and Health Issues in Extreme Climates

"The recently developed urban areas of the GCC region are in essence twenty-four hour seven-day a week air conditioned indoor environments. In air conditioned buildings both ‘unplanned’ building envelope in-filtration or ex-filtration and ‘planned’ rates of fresh air ventilation have one thing in common: they are both forms of outdoor air ultimately being exchanged and conditioned to be the air that we breathe indoors.

In these100% artificial environments, the volume of outdoor / indoor air exchange recommended as A/C re-fresh rates and the volume of outdoor / indoor air exchange allowed by building permeability codes and lastly the quality of outdoor air measured by respirable particulates and micro-organisms that constitute the constantly re-circulated conditioned indoor air we breathe form a relationship critical to human health.

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*CIBSE is the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers; ASHRAE is the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers..