Green Building Solutions International

GBSI Sponsors Workshop at Eco- Construct Expo held at Cityscape Abu Dhabi

William Whistler, managing director, Green Building Solutions International (GBSI), a Dubai based company presented the importance of building envelope performance at Eco Construct Conference. In a packed session, Mr. Whistler outlined the basics of what a building envelope performance test can do to assess their project’s energy rating and performance, in the short term, over the long term and for the sustainability of the UAE.

Mr. Whistler stated that over 80 percent of the new buildings in the GCC do not pass international air tightness standards. In the UAE, both Abu Dhabi and Dubai have recently begun requiring international building envelope air tightness standards in their building codes that are re-calculated to reflect the regional environment. He went on to state, “according to research the single most cost effective way to make existing buildings energy efficient is through rectifications to building envelopes on built structures. In the UAE, we are in a unique position due to the high degree of new construction to build energy efficient buildings by starting in the design phase and following to completion with airtight buildings.”

Leaks are usually found at door, window and other structural joints where openings are not sealed during construction. Remediation according to GBSI’s William Whistler is generally not as expensive as trying maintain a building that leaks its expensive air-conditioned air to the outside.

GBSI has been the testing service for several major local projects that are applying for LEED certification including the Seimen’s Middle East Headquarters located in MasdarCity and the Al Bahar building towers in Abu Dhabi. GBSI was involved in those projects at the design stage to monitor potential leak sources as the buildings went up.