Green Building Solutions International

MASDAR Institute of Science and Technology, Phase 1B

Proposed as the world’s first carbon neutral city, Masdar City is an important milestone for sustainability. GBSI was selected as a sustainability specialist and air tightness consultant to test building envelope air tightness in this project of worldwide importance.

Sustainability requirements on these buildings are some of the most rigorous in the world. Integrity of the building envelope is high on the list prerequisites. Air tightness testing on these buildings presented a unique challenge with their distinctive design and diverse uses. Air tightness tests were conducted on three dormitories, four laboratories, one multi-use student building and one four-story multi-tenant office building; totaling eight separate buildings with undercroft service spaces. Entering the project when 75 per cent complete, GBSI focused on issuing numerous onsite pre-test inspection reports to highlight built conditions that could affect air tightness results.

Recently, GBSI has performed largest multiple fan test on a single multi-story building in the UAE at the Masdar City site. GBSI used three separate fan stations, each with multiple fans, for combined airflow equivalent of 90 cubic metes of pressurized air. The purpose of these preliminary tests during the construction phase was to set benchmarks and provide real-time examples of building performance issues that could be addressed while still in the construction phase.

Multiple fan test report

Pre-test inspection of shaft penetration
exterior wall leak identified during pre-test inspection