Green Building Solutions International


William Whistler, Managing Director

Mr. Whistler holds a Bach. Architecture from Pratt institute, New York City and an M. A. Urban Design, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK. He has been a registered Architect in the US with the American Institute of Architects (AlA) since1979. Throughout his 30+ year career, his award winning projects have frequently focused on sustainable design, quality construction and the use of new materials. Three of his projects in the US are LEED Certified and his Tokyo project, Azabu Gardens is the first LEED Certified New Construction project in Japan. In 2010 he formed the GREEEN BUILDING SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL to best utilize his experience and interest in quality construction and sustainable buildings.In addition to his architectural qualifications, Mr. Whistler holds professional qualifications and certifications from the Institute of Infrared Thermography in United Kingdom as well as The Infrared Training Center and Environmental Solutions Association both based in the United States.


  • Master of Arts – Urban Design, 1977
  • PRATT INSTITUTE, Brooklyn, New York
  • Bachelor of Architecture, 1975


  • AIA – American Institute of Architects
  • LEED AP – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional
  • ESTIDAMA Pearl Rating System – Pearl qualified Professional
  • ISO Certified In  Building Air Tightness Testing
  • Certified Infrared Thermographer – Level Two
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing Technician
  • Member Emirates Green Building Council
  • Member CIBSE -Charted Institute of Building Services Engineers Middle East Group
  • Member ASNT - American Society for Nondestructive Testing


  • LEED AP – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
    Accredited Professional: New Construction;
    Accredited Professional: Commercial Interiors
  • ESTIDAMA Pearl Rating System –
    Villa Pearl Qualified Professional
    Building Qualified Professional
    Community Qualified Professional
  • ASNT Certified Level 2 Infrared Thermographer, Air Tightness, Smoke and Moisture Testing as per British Institute of Non Destructive Testing BINDT/ ISO 18436-7
  • ITC  Energy Audit Thermographer
  • Indoor Air Quality Technician, Environmental Solutions Association (ESA)



Technical Staff:
Members of the technical and executive staff of GBSI have been trained in the latest building envelope diagnostic techniques in compliance with ISO 18436-7. Green Building Solutions International  is UAE based and is accredited by the Institute of Infrared Thermography Training and Examination Centre for Thermography and Air Tightness Testing and trained in compliance with the British Institute of Non- Destructive Testing (BINDT), which isaccredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). GBSI personnel have received additional accreditation from the Infrared Training Center, the Environment Solutions Association for Indoor Air Quality and the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT).

Alvin Sierra- Technical Manager ISO 18436-7 & BINDT Certified Building Air Tightness Tester,Industrial Electronics and Electrical Diploma, Philippines

EjazSalim- ASNT Level 2 Accredited; Mechanical Engineering BSc, Herriot Watt UniversityMunis Hamid - Energy MSc, Herriot Watt University

Paulson Vakayil- Energy MSc, Herriot Watt University
Alwinson Mathew - Alwinson Mathew

John Habib, Business Manager
Mr. Habib is an experienced business manager with over twenty years of experience working in the UAE and MENA region. A registered attorney in the US as well as the UAE, he is the former President of the American Business Group Abu Dhabi and is well known in Abu Dhabi and Dubai's business communities for his skill in launching new ventures.

Kim Childs, Manager, RAKI Liasion
Ms. Childs has over 10 years working with new business ventures in the UAE.

Susan Simmons, Communications Director
Ms. Simmons has over 25 years experience in marketing and media communications. She has worked in New York City, USA with prestigious publications such as the New York Times and US News and World Report magazine as well as in Boston, USA for the Harvard Medical School and Boston Neighborhood Television Network. In Dubai, Ms. Simmons has held positions with ABC and Taaleem.

John Thomas Kalathil, Web Master
Maqsood Shahid, Accounts



1. INFRARED CAMERA SATIR G96P 300,000+ pixel High Definition Diagnostic Professional Camera

2. INFRARED CAMERA FLIR b60 -67,000+ Pixel Image Fusion Building Use Professional Camera

3. INFRARED CAMERA FLIR i5–6,400 Pixel Image Near Infrared General Use Professional Camera

4. BLOWER FAN SETS Retrotec System Q4E high capacity system: 2-Channel Digital Gauge with Control Package & 3300 Auto-Switching 240v High Power Digital Fan (quantity 4)

5. BLOWER FAN SETS RetrotecSystem QMG high capacity system -: 2-Channel Digital Gauge withControl Package & 3300SR Large Building 240v High Power Digital Fan (quantity 3)

6. INDOOR AIR QUALITY METERS GRAYWOLF AdvancedSense Total VOC, CO2, O2 monitor withFormaldehyde off- gassing detector and 6 channel particulate counter

7. VIABLE PATHOGENS DETECTOR HYGENIA SystemSURE Plus Hygiene Monitor for immediate onsite mould, bacteria and virus detection and measurement

8. ELECTRONIC LAMINAR FLOW SAMPLING PUMP Zefon Escort ELF Sampling Pump with 10mm respirable dust cycloneElectronic Laminar Flow (ELF) sensor to provide a constant flow control with ± 2.5% regulation of flow rate

9. AIRBOURNE PARTICULANT SAMPLER PUMP Zefon Z-lite High Capacity Linear Pump Kit withAir-O-Cell cassettes for air sample testing of viable and non-viable particle air sampling

10. BAROMETER Testo GmbH 511 Absolute Pressure Barometer Device with calibration protocolcertificate

11. WIND SPEED ANEMOMETER Elcometer 410 Anemometer with calibration protocol certificate

12. HYGROMETER ExtechHygro Thermometer and Infrared Thermometer with Laser Pointer

13. MOISTURE METER Tramex Encounter Plus, Non Destructive Moisture Meter

14. MOISTURE METER Protimeter Mini Moisture Meter

15. ENDOSCOPE Extech Video Borescope Wireless Inspection Camera with 3.5 inch Color TFT LCDWireless Monitor - 17mm Camera Diameter and 6 foot extension flexible mount

16. DATALOGGER ExtechUSB Temperature and Relative Humidity Datalogger

17. SMOKE GENERATOR OTTEC Technology GmbH ‘Power Tiny’ portable generator with wirelessrem

18. MOULD SAMPLE TEST KITS Petri Dish sampling kits, Bio-Tape Slides and Mould swab sets