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News : JAN 2015 NEWS- World Future Energy Summit Tech Talk by GBSI.

The recently developed urban areas of the GCC region are in fact twenty-four hour seven-day a week air conditioned indoor environments. We are in essence building “refrigerators inside an oven” that require enormous amounts of energy to operate. If the local sustainable construction codes requirements are not properly met, our buildings will leak conditioned air that will waste energy or intake too much untreated humid desert air that may impact human health.

In these 100% artificial environments of constantly re-circulated indoor air we breathe contains respirable particulates and micro-organisms that must be effectively and continually filtered while the corrosive effect of water condensation of unwanted humid exterior air must be eliminated for the sustainability and health of the region.

Building Air Tightness and is a major challenge to our region that demands increased attention by all stakeholders in sutainable construction.